Saturday, April 18, 2009

Movies with an Ocean View

" The sky was clear black and a little million stars twinkled down on them, as if someone had thrown glitter up into a massive black net. The full moon rested itself lower over the horizon, reflecting its beam and showing where the sea met the sky. The girls sat in its path along the shore. The musical water gently lapped before them, calming them, relaxing them. The air was warm but a slight breeze brushed past Holly, causing her hair to tickle her skin. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and filled her lungs with fresh air. " - page 257

This is why I love the ocean, I wish I lived with a sea view. an ocean please. not a gulf -.- where the waves are splashing the sand. If I was watching a movie,, my usual rating would be an 8/10 or 3/10 (for Seven Pounds, 1 because I was forced to watch it. 2 because its too painful to watch and 3 because its fiction) but when a scene comes up so suddenly with the sound of the waves I fall in love immediately and the rating rises up to 90% hahahahaha.. It was a 9/10 for Seven Pounds :p don't judge me on the math, who cares! There must be a very good reason why the Director/Producer chose to film a scene at the beach. I'd be very interested to know why.

Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Pirates of the Caribbean - its pretty obvious why they filmed the entire movie by the sea :@
LOST - ok this is not a movie :p but one of the reasons why I still watch LOST is because of the Hawaiian beach <3
Seven Pounds

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