Thursday, January 29, 2009

Absent. Mobile. Blogging.

My mom took away my laptop, because I face the 15" screen more than my family + food obligations, which is true. Did you know that there's a whole ward in a German hospital specialized for patients who are addicted to video-games and computers :-O ? Its been a week now. I missed my laptop only when I needed to listen to the 3 new songs I found online.The separation would've been a torture if my sister + co. weren't around. Orif I hadn't gotten a flu for 3 days. AND now I cant see beyond this paragraph. Smallsc
Small phonecamera

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daddy Long Legs

Gadgets never fail to amaze me. I finally discovered the secret of capturing screenshots. You don't have to [pause the movie] then [grab a camera with the highest resolution] and then snap. Nooo.. Its somewhere in the settings of your media player. hehe just right-click. I watched Daddy Long Legs, here are my fav. snaps:

I took the above snap during my midterms, that explains my stress :p
researching <3

You can tell I'm that bored. I think I wasted all of the fun in 2008. ehe ehe :(

Oh. the space between the lines annoys me.

The end.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009

10 Things About Me

I got tagged by Karamilah.

1) I have the fastest metabolism on earth. People would kill for it. haha
2) I have a dark sense of humor , sometimes it gets me into trouble.
3) I think seahorses are fictitious.
4) I never had the chance to drive a car at the suburbs. Too young + interest got lost as I grew up.
5) I wished to stand in line for Harry Potter and I did it. twice <3
6) I like Roman numbers
7) Dilse is the best tragic Indian movie ever made
8) I'm loyal.
9) I love streetlights. They stand tall and straight.
10) I love collecting photos, mugs and bookmarks.

Now I have to tag 7 people:
Nyxxie , Fashionista , F.Y. , The Extravagate and thats it. seven people .

Cemeteries of Gazaa

The truth is. I'm not a political person. I just know that the Israeli invasion caused the biggest death toll in 60 years. its the biggest war !! Watching the television all new year made me really depressed, especially when the Umm Al-Qaiwain ruler passed away :(
I just wish peace was easy as walking across the other street.
Nyxxie posted a beautiful prayer. ed3olhom.