Sunday, April 14, 2013

2013 Escape Retreat

I found my escape retreat. Maybe if I could squeeze in 2 weeks in August or now? (*cryface*). I will go there. 
Can I take 2 weeks off? I'm just crying thinking about being off work with a gazillion events coming up all at the end of the year. Its like being "pinned". If I did, nobody would say no, but I always have my conscious telling me that it will reflect badly on me. But I'm a human. Stupid dilemma. Will discuss it with my boss. 
Somewhere in the English countryside, away from the city, reconnecting with nature, outdoors, a good break from shopping. Just enjoying my surroundings and breeeeathe. 

I've never been to England so after a couple of hours researching I found the Four Seasons the most reliable place I can go to. The rest is too risky, or the website and place do not look appealing. Also think of the nearest attractions next to a hotel. This one is closer to Windsor castle. yay. 

2 tennis courts. :D

A land full of nature. Reminds me of Lady Lady's home lol.
I can walk, bike and breathe the fresh air. 

 Jane Austen's home is nearby too. Do I need to explain more?????