Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coldplay Blogs More Than I Do !!!

malat 3alaya loool
Their concert is like one hour away. R#42 wrote a few kind words [click] about Emirates Palace. I wish I was there tooo so I could stalk them + take a group photo. Coldplay is my favorite band. I never get bored of the songs. X&Y is my fav. album, and when I want to go to the dark + twisted mood I listen to their older albums, they're a piece of art. *sigh* They speak to you, even if its nonsense (except for Fix You -> thats the most powerful + healing song ever) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I want to gooooo :(
I'll try to sneak around EP and try to listen from the road or something... Dunno how that will work out :sI promised -F to write her name the minute I blog about Coldplay. so here. You think its easy breathing the same air as Coldplay hah ??? I'm choking !!! They got Justin Timberlake , George Michael + Christina Augilera,, okaaay it didn't matter, so what. but COLDPLAY *dies again* If I was there, I want to see Chris Martin swing the lightbulb above his piano to the crowd (2:25/5:00).

Viva La Vida album? I liked Violet Hill A LOOOT !!! and a little bit of Viva La Vida and Yes.. The rest were an invitation to the grave lool.. anyway, I hope the fans exceed their expectations :D
Can you hear the thunder outside ???? LOOOL
Coldplay + LIVE concert + Abu Dhabi + thunder minus Emaratioryx = DRAMA


- F said...

OMG I FEEL YOU GIRL! We should totally mourn! I LOVE YOU CHRIS MARTIN <3 Why the hell aren't you THERE? YOU SHOULD LIKE GO!!!!

Emaratioryx said...

Don't make me feel worse !!!!
I couldn't go out :'(
It was raining like crazy over here wo chan ash6a6 + run wildly at home ehe2 ehe2