Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best Summer Accessory

If I could do it everyday I would ride a bicycle across the Corniche road but for obvious reasons I can’t :( Bicycling is my favorite thing to do. I didn’t have enough of riding bicycles when I was a child.. so I started craving bicycles from last summer when we were abroad.. and of course I couldn’t find an opportunity when it rained unexpectedly everyday. So this summer I told everyone I know to ride a bicycle. If I couldn’t do it then I wished everyone to do it and it felt better :D and it turned out that bicycles are so in now with that keep-the-earth-clean thing going on.

Paris created this Velib system where bicycles are scattered all over the city, and the citizens borrow the bicycles (with a $ubscription of course) from one location to another.

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Karamilah said...

i was thinking of that few days ago. it is a kewl idea, but where, abroad i used to cycle around, here it is a bit diff and hard to do so.
I should et myself a bicycle

Emaratioryx said...

Its easier if you have a house in the suburbs..I ride at my uncle's :p