Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer in the City

This year was one of the best summers I had in my life, because it was different. I had a summer job, met new people and got to see what “work” meant. The weather was fine. Okay it was hot but why do people complain ALL THE TIME when they’re staying indoors with fully equipped ACs 99% of their time and outdoors for a few seconds of riding a car or walkin- a couple of steps to the ALLAH y7afthkom.. didn't know what to write :p

There was this Picasso's gallery for the art appreciators open all summer or the Summer in Abu Dhabi festival for the kids.. as for us .. we watched movies :D


magnifica87 said...

Cool! Nice to try the working field. Well, I have the right to complain about the weather as I play tennis outdoors, its really tiring, but I still play ;)
I took my nephews once to 'Summer in Abu Dhabi' nice place for kids.

Emaratioryx said...

You can still play squash hehe

magnifica87 said...

Nah! They're not the same!