Thursday, June 25, 2009

I *heart* Penguin Mugs

I spotted those mugs one year ago at some British home departmentstore website.. It was love at first sight.. *sigh* and now I have stumbled upon them once again during my aimless e-clicks.. I wish Jane Eyre's mug was purple instead of orange.. Orange is too brighty + sunshiny for the actual story.. Its not a happy story even though it ends happily hehe. Orange is perfect for P&P :D
I should go back to reading now,, btw, since the Harry Potter movie is coming out in July 15 (yoohoo ! ) I'll be reading the series after the movie comes out because during the movie I'll be yelling + swearing at the producers :p but nooooo,, I want to sit + enjoy my popcorn *e7m lunch* and coke :D
If you're a literature bookworm then go here + here

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