Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson

I'm in shock !!!!
He was a genius in music, a fabulous dancer and the king of pop. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson.. who didn't ???? I won't forget his sparkly white socks, his moonwalk dance, his Neverland estate, his military jackets (no wonder i love them now hehe) and the years I spent listening to his songs... He was a weirdo too lol
I want to listen to his songs all over again now.. *nostalgic*
-- I can see the future now,,, the military jackets will last a few extra seasons, and those sparkly socks will be back + hmmm,,, more nose jobs ?


Candy said...

erbe3tee knows how 2 dance like him
really the same steps :-O

i miss listening 2 his old songs!!

Mone said...

i was in shock too when babaty told me that ! i was like HOW :s i dono lish glt che even baba gally mat ba3ad lish how :s
listening to his songs again yethakerny be my childhood ><