Sunday, July 26, 2009

Balenciaga's Adorable Ballerinas Minus My Horrible Photoshop

You can laugh as much as you want. I am standing proud and happy just like a true technician admiring manicured nails (i had to compare something). It is one of my ugliest photoshops ever!!! hahahahahaa You're either good at PS or your not. I just discovered the yellow sparks they're soo much fun I think I'll add them in my next posts ROFL (j/k) and the stars too maybe i'll get to have my own "thing" or as Marketing calls it -> "branding"..

Ok, if you can only ignore my horrible photoshop and admire the actual shoes at Barneys ?


Bahrain Fashion said...

I heart the flats!

Cool post XD

Anonymous said...

I just ordered 2 pairs... =S

So, don't ruin my moment when I get them...