Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Potter RULES !!!!

Ok. something is wrong here... The rate of my obsession for HP has decreased by hmmm 50% I'm not that crazy as I used to be. My Flickr account is the biggest proof. lol. CRAZY !!!!! but definitely fun. I documented my fandom via Flickr about the books and movies... I wanted to post photos of my adventure of going to Abu Dhabi Mall at 3:00am with my Dad but I can't seem to find my CD :( I found this link..
Anyway, I said that I'll read the book after the movie but I got sooo tempted by the premiere photos, articles and videos I bump into online.. they're everywhere!!! Whats even worse is that the movie screenshots are already leaking online :s BUT I DO ENCOURAGE THAT because I've seen enough of Robert Pattinson's pics jeeez ppl are stalking him everywhere !!! don't they have something better to do ???
GO HARRY POTTER !!! yoohooooo !!!!
Spread Harry Potter Spread it like peanut butter CLICK CLICK CLICK !!!!


Bahrain Fashion said...

Going today! So excited XD

serenade said...

no reaction? I loved it,, it's much better than previous movies, there were parts that were thrown out, but it didn't effect the plot much,, except maybe not giving more background info on voldermorts history,, but loved it overall :)

Emaratioryx said...

I loved it :D
Everything about the movie was great !! the graphics , plot, and screenplay too,, I wasn't disappointed as much as I did on the previous movies :)