Monday, October 6, 2008

Back On Track

Hellooooooooo.. My internet connection is finally back on full strength..The first week of disconnection was Ramadan's last 10 days so it wasn't that important but then Eid came and my sleeping mode got soooooo messed up THEN it became frustrating heh.. Hope you had a great Eid !

You know how the chorus says "haaaaaih" in Bel wo Sebastian's song ?? Thats how much fun I had yesterday when I met my friends in ZU <3>

Eid's Eve
and a LIVE broadcast/tradition

I dressed up so well this Eid, usually I come downstairs without shoes but this time was different :p Gotta catch up with the cyber world now


Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures sis...... ;)


Emaratioryx said...

thanks siso . I forgot to add M.junior's photo.. he looked like a Japanese farmer with that injury lool