Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Best Is Yet To Come

This week was one of the bestest weeks I've ever had in my life.. I'm so happy el7mdillah.. I know that the beginning was difficult (being nostalgic + wishing for the impossible),, I've also learnt that whatever hardships you've been through shall be rewarded. I strongly believe in patience and Allah's blessings.. Sometimes I can't believe that its all happening then I remind myself to count my blessings.. goloo el7mdillah
keep your faith strong.. and believe that there are sweet people somewhere out there.
Be positive and live life !
I just read Eclipse and the ending almost broke my heart... I love tragedies :p


Karamilah said...

Hey, I agree with you, we should always thank god for all we get and have, il7imdillah
Do me a favor and twilight for me.


nice words :) al7amdellah