Thursday, January 29, 2009

Absent. Mobile. Blogging.

My mom took away my laptop, because I face the 15" screen more than my family + food obligations, which is true. Did you know that there's a whole ward in a German hospital specialized for patients who are addicted to video-games and computers :-O ? Its been a week now. I missed my laptop only when I needed to listen to the 3 new songs I found online.The separation would've been a torture if my sister + co. weren't around. Orif I hadn't gotten a flu for 3 days. AND now I cant see beyond this paragraph. Smallsc
Small phonecamera


magnifica87 said...

Wow...7lailich! I duno what I'll do if I was in ur place. Ya3ni were u able to use other laptops/pcs?!
Its different when u use your own

Emaratioryx said...

i'm using my mobile... I can check my emails + Facebook for a few minutes..