Monday, January 5, 2009

10 Things About Me

I got tagged by Karamilah.

1) I have the fastest metabolism on earth. People would kill for it. haha
2) I have a dark sense of humor , sometimes it gets me into trouble.
3) I think seahorses are fictitious.
4) I never had the chance to drive a car at the suburbs. Too young + interest got lost as I grew up.
5) I wished to stand in line for Harry Potter and I did it. twice <3
6) I like Roman numbers
7) Dilse is the best tragic Indian movie ever made
8) I'm loyal.
9) I love streetlights. They stand tall and straight.
10) I love collecting photos, mugs and bookmarks.

Now I have to tag 7 people:
Nyxxie , Fashionista , F.Y. , The Extravagate and thats it. seven people .


sadia said...

you make street light sound good!

F.Y said...

haha number 3 is the best, thanx for the tag! :)

nyxxie said...

you remind me of someone very close to me.. hehe

Karamilah said...

I never knew most of that list, hmmm interesting.

- F said...

haha number 1 same here I believe I have the fastest metabolism on earth lmao I eat so much, anything I like and never gain even half a kilo :\