Sunday, January 18, 2009

Daddy Long Legs

Gadgets never fail to amaze me. I finally discovered the secret of capturing screenshots. You don't have to [pause the movie] then [grab a camera with the highest resolution] and then snap. Nooo.. Its somewhere in the settings of your media player. hehe just right-click. I watched Daddy Long Legs, here are my fav. snaps:

I took the above snap during my midterms, that explains my stress :p
researching <3

You can tell I'm that bored. I think I wasted all of the fun in 2008. ehe ehe :(

Oh. the space between the lines annoys me.

The end.


magnifica87 said...

Ooooh "ya 9a7eb el '6el eldaweel"
Hehe! *is-singing* :P

Karamilah said...

i love this cartoon series,
ahh u remind me of my childhood,
i wish there is a rewind button