Wednesday, December 31, 2008


1) Best winter break
2) Implemented "The Best Is Yet To Come" post-it on myself (15/2/2008)
3) Discovered the Happiest Moment of the Day exercise from Oprah.
4) I thought I had no friends at all.
5) WAGL 2008
6) Summer in Abu Dhabi
7) Summer Job
8) Family surprises.
9)Stronger faith in Allah
10)Missed Paris a lot.
11) Suddenly, I made lots of friends :)

Resolutions for next year ?
I gave up believing in them 2 years ago. and I was better off lol..


Karamilah said...

happy new year,
so u accomplished something, interesting :)
and u'll always have friends, dont ever think u dont
same ehere with the resolutions, ily allah katbenah bystwee inshallah and I'll e proud of it

Emaratioryx said...

Thanks dear *hugs*

Karamilah said...

u've been tagged