Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twilight - the movie

my favorite scene

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…" - Edward Cullen

If you type "T" on the Youtube search bar a list of Twilighties would appear, everything related to the movie is there. We went to the morning show and the theatre was packed with teenager girls. Everytime a new character shows up the girls start screaming OUT LOUD lool.. Surprisingly, the book-adapted movie was well done, every scene was EXACTLY from the book, except for a few parts which was normal coz its a movie duh. The first Harry Potter movie was messed up and I was yelling out "no its not like thaaaaaaat !! " causing my sisters to nudge me with a SHHHH!!!
Fortunately, I didn't do that for Twilight hehe. If you read the book prior to the movie you'd enjoy every second of the movie. If you haven't read the book, then you'll fall in love with Edward Cullen. The best part was that I watched it with my friends,, they were crazy :p

The movie is totally recommendable !!!


Karamilah said...

Yeah, the movie was pretty good.

Halawa said...

Salamz 3azizti :D

Don't tell me you were at Sahara? Haha, cuz me and my friends were a group of 15 girls wearing Twilight shirts... We were FANATIC!!!! Screaming all through the movie! You can barely imagine how many times I said OMG, hyperventilated, swooned, cried and yelled!

Listen, I've been in contact with Anita from Grand Cinemas, and I suggested that they'd open a fan page for Twilight in the January issue of The Grand Movie Guide and she loved the idea!
So she published a shout out to Twilighters in the UAE to send their fan art and photos of themselves in so they could be featured in the January issue!

Scroll down to page 12 and look at the shout out under my letter.

You're totally right about loving it of you've read it before!

I wrote about our day out on my blog, check it out :D

Nice blog btw!

Mme.Monstre said...

i still didnt see the movie .. !!!..
i love the part when he dents the car.. *sigh*

The Extravagate said...

aaaaaah am in love with the book the movie with him !!!!!!!

- F said...

I'm not a twilighter and I expected the movie to be rubbish actually I just went to the movie to laugh. But! It was a pleasurable surprise I think it was good for a first try I actually liked it! Maybe because I'm not a twilight fanatic so I didn't care if it was as good as the book or not :p Oh and I personally think the movie was more enjoyable I tried to read the book and was bored to death! Please don't attack me twilighters!