Monday, December 15, 2008

US comedy farewells Bush

This must be one of the gloriest moments for the comedians at the states..poor Bush.. They'll talk about this for months,, maybe years hahaha...I felt sorry for Bush at the beginning but then it got funnier and funnier everytime they repeated the scene from different angles..

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Venus said...

hi sis.,
<20 yrs, AD, UAE
new commentor ^^"
it's such a nice coincidence 2 find someone from the same city that am from ^___^
viva 4 AD,D:
n YEP! this was the most hilarious scene i've ever seen this year! oh, i just loved that jornalist lol,
enjoy ur eve. sis.

Notorious said...

i didnt feel sorry for him not even for a split sec ,, ystahl ynfl3 3a 5shma ///

Halawa said...

Pure joy radiated out of me :)

It'll be forever recorded in World history, I really can't wait to see what The American Arab Stand-Up Comedians are gonna say about it like Aaron Kader and Dean Obeidallah and Maz Jobrani!